The 1% between winning and losing

Cutting edge performance analytics provide facts to make that difference

Decisions without data are guesses

Tools for athletes to Plan – Do – Study – Act confidently

If athletes have to guess about their training performance, they will be either lucky or wrong when it counts.
appweeve has collaborated with some of the world’s best-known sports organizations to develop custom solutions, perfectly tailored to each sport. These tools have helped athletes and coaches to make progress trackable and quantifiable.


What we do

Modern sports teams are run like modern businesses and often even more competitive. The PDSA cycle is always at their core. Without data neither planning nor studying of performance is possible.

appweeve has successfully supported development and usage of training tools for some of world’s best sailors. From planning their training sessions to real time insights and post-race analytics, these tools were instrumental to their success.


Races, matches and tournaments are decided in split seconds. And the modern coach has already many sources of information. The best tools give the necessary insights in real time, but no more.

appweeve closely collaborates with athletes and coaches to give them structured insight at a glance, perfecting the user experience step by step.


Baseball brought in depth statistics to the world of sports, but all sports have been catching up. Even in sailing, miles away from the coast, every position, every maneuver and every breeze of wind can be measured and stored almost instantly.

appweeve has supported developments in sailing, that use thousands of tracked races to create self-learning systems that can predict winning strategies and final results at a level not available before.

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